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Keeping track of all the dress codes to observe can be difficult if you don’t work in an environment where you are always required to wear your best suits. Many of them are unsaid, and you only become aware of them if you’re doing it incorrectly or you work and live as a fashion expert or devotee.
To prevent this, we took the time to compile the most crucial suiting guidelines into a brief, handy cheat sheet that you can quickly and easily refer to whenever you find yourself neck-deep in a three-piece. Additionally, if you’re assembling your “suit wardrobe,” the good news is that you all need two basic suits that can be worn on any occasion.
There are always exceptions and qualifications for each of these rules, so don’t take them as the end-all-be-all. Adding some personal flair is key.

how to style a suit


  • Your belt should be relatively thin and also the same color as your shoes.
  • Your tie should always be darker than your dress shirt.
  • Your tie bar should never be wider than your tie.
  • If you’re wearing a vest, always keep the bottom button unbuttoned.
  • Always unbutton your suit before sitting down, or you risk ruining it.
  • Always remove the stitching on the vents and the label on the left sleeve before wearing a new suit.
  • Never remove the stitching of the jacket pockets and never use your pockets; they can easily be stretched out, warping the entire suit.


Here are a few clever tips and techniques to consider while you peruse the racks for your next suit. You may choose something that makes you appear like a gentleman with their aid, we assure you. similar to James Bond.


The Shoulder Test

Simply lean against a wall and check whether your shoulder pads begin scrunching up when they contact the wall rather than your shoulder. If it does, go elsewhere and think about switching brands. Your shoulder pad and shoulder should ideally collide with the wall nearly simultaneously. The suit might seem quite ill-fitting and feel occasionally unpleasant if the shoulder pads are overly thick, especially as you move around.


The Collar Test

This works incredibly well with blazers, coats, and other items that have stiff collars; however, it primarily works with shirts. Simply place your index finger between the collar and neck after fully buttoning up the shirt and wiggle it around the curve. Your finger should slip in easily and not strain your neck. If it moves around too much, you should choose something that fits more snugly; however, if you experience any discomfort, choose a larger size.


The Hug Test

This works incredibly well with blazers, coats, and other items that have stiff collars; however, it primarily works with shirts. Simply place your index finger between the collar and neck after fully buttoning up the shirt and wiggle it around the curve. Your finger should slip in easily and not strain your neck. If it moves around too much, you should choose something that fits more snugly; however, if you experience any discomfort, choose a larger size.


The Handshake Test

Finally, a test will help you choose the ideal length for the jacket or blazer you want to wear. Just let your arm hang down and curl your fingers into a fist as if you were ready to take up a pail. Put your fingertips just below the suit hem. Your clothing is the ideal length when the hem just touches the tip of your palm. If there is anything else, such as bunching up or gaps, seek a suit with a larger jacket.


The Cultured Finger Test

Finally, a test will help you choose the ideal length for the jacket or blazer you want to wear. Just let your arm hang down and curl your fingers into a fist as if you were ready to take up a pail. Put your fingertips just below the suit hem. Your clothing is the ideal length when the hem just touches the tip of your palm. If there is anything else, such as bunching up or gaps, seek a suit with a larger jacket.


It involves more than just attraction. Dress shirts are an international standard for formality and style.
Utilizing the dress shirt to your advantage is the focus of today. Here are five methods for men to wear a dress shirt well.

Shirt with the perfect fit

Shirt with the perfect fit

If it doesn’t fit right, don’t buy it. What is the definition of a perfect shirt fit? When shopping for men’s shirts, comfort is frequently the most crucial criterion. A shirt’s perfect fit ensures freedom of movement (comfort) while presenting your body in the best possible light. The armholes should be high enough to prevent restricted motion.

  • You should be able to slide two fingers between the collar and your neck when the shirt is buttoned up.
  • The shirt sleeve cuffs should end where your palm meets your wrist.
  • The sleeves should be neither tight nor billowy to allow for natural movement.
  • The shoulders should end where your upper arm meets your shoulder.
Choose the Best Shirt Color for Your Skin Tone

Chose a shirt with a good collar

With so many collar styles, it’s essential to know which one is right for you before designing your dream shirt. The collar frames your face and draws attention to your facial features. Collars come in various styles, and each one adds a distinct look to the shirt.

Park Avenue fabrics are made up of long-staple cotton. People from all over the world can prefer Park Avenue for both warm and mild weather, especially for its soft and pleasant look.

The fabric of Park Avenue has a soft texture and durability. You can find many varieties of Park Avenue Fabrics at Royal Menswear at HSR layout exclusively.

Start With The Most Versatile Shirt Colors (1)

Start With The Most Versatile Shirt Colors

Your first two dress shirts should be white and light blue. These colors work with just about anything you decide to put on. Use these tenets as a foundation to build upon. Perhaps after these, you’ll want to opt for a darker navy blue – still versatile, and so on. After you have a few flexible solid shirts, you may feel inclined to dip your toe in patterns such as subtle polka dots, gradually building toward more aggressive colors and patterns.

Choose the Best Shirt Color for Your Skin Tone

 Choose the Best Shirt Color for Your Skin Tone

If you have pale skin and dark hair, you have a high-contrast look that would benefit from richer and fuller colors. Using these to complement the face will help to illuminate it rather than drowning it in a sea of pastels.
Medium-contrast men, like tan men with dark hair, look better in medium colors like olive greens and salmon reds. These are still striking in their own right but have been toned down to avoid drawing attention away from the wearer’s face.
Guys with dark skin and hair are in an unusual situation. They have a low contrast appearance, but such colors do no favors. Medium-contrast looks best on men with medium-dark skin.

Know your shirt patterns (1)

 Know your shirt patterns

When it comes to formal and casual wear, textures and patterns are on the same plane – the more visible it is, the more casual the shirt. It is available in any color combination, giving the wearer complete freedom to see what works best. Choose the pattern that stands out the most among the others and provides a vibrant contrast.

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trending fashion outfit (1)




When it comes to dressing a gentleman, Royal menswear provides him with the best. It’s time for all the men in town to add more value to your look with Royal menswear.


Go quickly, Royal with the Blazers.

A blazer is a type of jacket that looks like a suit jacket but is cut more casually. A blazer differs from a sports coat in that it is a more formal garment made of solid colour fabrics. Blazers frequently have naval-style metal buttons to reflect their origins as boating club jackets. Blazers have long been associated with elegance and royalty. One of the most noticeable ways to look royal is to wear blazers. You can do this with a variety of blazer styles and types.

  • Begin with the Casual blazer, versatile and flattering on most body types. For everyday business suits, go with a single-breasted black blazer. Alternatively, invest in a slim-fit grey blazer for a winning look at a job interview. Choose a smart-casual blazer with navy blue checks and pair it with a bright V-neck T-shirt, chinos, and derbies to impress all the ladies at a posh pub.
  • Choose a peaked lapel brown double-breasted blazer. Pair it with a light-colored shirt and black trousers for a big business presentation. You could also go with a blue blazer with your pattern. Pair it with blue trousers and a lightly patterned tie for a wedding.
  • Shawl collar blazers are more formal and eye-catching. They are only used for black-tie and red-carpet occasions. Select a navy striped tuxedo blazer with a pocket square. Wear it with a white polka-dot shirt, a maroon bow tie, and oxfords.
  • Men’s peaked lapel blazers provide a more daring look. You can wear it to a formal event or a special occasion such as a Christmas party or even a wedding.


A suit, also known as a lounge suit or business suit, is a set of clothes that includes a suit jacket and trousers made of the same fabric and a collared dress shirt, necktie, and dress shoes. In Western dress codes, it is considered informal wear. In nineteenth-century Britain, the lounge suit first appeared as a more casual alternative to sportswear and British country clothing.

Wedding suit

Wedding Suit

Wedding suits for men are a must-have in any man’s wardrobe. Choose a traditional colour, such as navy or black. Combine it with a white shirt and a maroon silk tie. Wear lace-up brogues with this men’s designer suit look, spritz on your favourite scent, and relax.

business suit

Business Suit

A business suit is essential for feeling confident in any formal setting. Choose one of our men’s designer suits in a regular fit for easy movement. Wear a light blue formal shirt underneath, a dark blue tie, and oxford shoes to complete the look.



According to history, it is known as a ‘dinner jacket’ in the United Kingdom, but a tuxedo in America. These are evening men’s designer suits made of satin or a glossy fabric that catches the light well. It also has a stripe that runs down the lapels and the side of the pants, making you ideal for that perfect evening.

prince suit

Prince Suit

This is an ethnic, gents suit design based on Indian culture. It’s also known as the Jodhpuri design. They are frequently confused with the Pathani suit design for men, but the difference is that the pants are more fitted. This outfit’s popular color combinations include black, red, green, and pastels

italian suit

Italian Suit

Coming from Italy, when a gentleman wants to be dressed to the nines, Italian suits are difficult to beat. They are streamlined, enhance the silhouette, and are comfortable to wear.


Be wedding-ready with the shiny Sherwani

Men in South Asia wear sherwanis, which are long-sleeved outer coats. It is fitted, with some waist suppression, like the Western frock coat, falls to below the knees, and is buttoned down the front. It can be collarless, with a shirt-style or stand-up collar like the Mandarin collar.

  • Sherwani has entered the international fashion scene as an ethnic alternative to suits at weddings and traditional occasions. However, there are many more ways to wear a sherwani than the traditional style.
  • A dark-colored, embroidered sherwani with matching pajamas and a princely neckpiece will give you a rich, warm, and cozy appearance throughout the wedding rituals and reception ceremonies. This outfit can be accessorized with a pair of contrasting mojaris. Accessorize with pocket squares for added opulence.
  • The groom’s friends and family can choose humble-looking sherwanis in colors that complement the groom’s style while still looking different. For example, if the groom is wearing a golden and green sherwani, groomsmen can look suave by wearing a red and white sherwani or kurta.
  • Designer sherwanis with dhoti or pajamas are the best choices for traditional occasions. However, sherwanis with achkans will make you look anything but fabulous. Consider accessorizing your sherwanis with jewellery and trendy mojaris or juttis to complete the traditional look.

Become traditionally Royal with the Kurtas

Traditionally, kurtas are made of cotton or silk. It can be worn plain or with embroidered decoration, such as chikan, and it can be worn loose or tight in the torso, typically falling just above or below the wearer’s knees. A traditional kurta’s front and back are made of rectangular pieces, and its side seams are left open at the bottom, up to varying lengths, to allow for movement.

  • Looking for an ethnic look that is both fashionable and functional for college? Choose from our printed or checked short men’s casual kurtas that are waist length. Wear them with jeans and brown leather sandals for a fusion look. To complete the look, pair it with a sling bag or backpack. For college events, try longer kurtas for men with asymmetric hemlines, high-low hemlines, and curved hemlines.
  • Pathani kurtas for men originated in modern-day Afghanistan and Pakistan, are very popular in India. Wear a bright red or yellow Pathani kurta with slim-fit jeans, juttis, and a Nehru jacket. This is a stylish outfit for any Indian wedding-related event.
  • You can stock up on grand designer kurta sets for the great wedding receptions—team up a gorgeous maroon and black self-design kurta with a mandarin collar. The set comes with an off-white churidar. Wear black semi-formal slip-on shoes with tassels, and you can even choose to indulge in a color splash with a blue kurta-churidar set which features bright maroon jackets.


Looking for a not-so-bold checked shirt? Our extensive collection of formal shirts will assist you in this endeavour. Men’s formal shirts with micro checks are available. Make a business presentation and impress everyone by dressing in a red and white checked shirt with a black collar; pair the sweater with a pair of black trousers to leave a lasting impression. Complete the look with a blazer and oxfords.

floral printed formal shirt

Choose floral-print formal wear shirts for men for a pleasant vibe. Choose a navy blue floral shirt with a spread collar and a curved hem for your next night out. It looks great with white cuffed trousers and boat shoes. Jackets will help you up to your style quotient.

solid white shirt

To impress your colleague, purchase a solid white shirt with a button placket and spread collar. Wear it with black slacks, leather derbies, and a sophisticated black watch. You can even pair this with a blazer and tie for an official meeting.

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It’s a wedding. Selecting the perfect wedding suit matters a lot. Relax! We brought you the top trending wedding suit collections with wider varieties. Wedding ceremonies are changing a lot more than in years past with the number of wedding events. Looking superb with the perfect outfit and accessories at the wedding is crucial. So, select the appropriate suit from a variety of styles for various wedding occasions. To make your shopping hassle-free, here are the best wedding suit collections made from exclusive fabrics like wool or silk. Opt for the best suit because you only get married once. Let’s start our list of wedding outfits for men with personalised styles.

Tuxedo for a wedding

For a conventional appearance, you might go for the classic tuxedo, which adds to the formality of your wedding day. To maintain the highest level of formality, always wear black ties, particularly bow ties. In contrast to other wedding clothes, the tuxedo always features satin trim. The tuxedo is a stunning formal option for any special occasion.


Wedding Coat Suit in Jodhpur

A classic Mandarin or Nehru collared jacket and pants make up a jodhpuri suit. It is a particular style of Indo-Western clothing, and due to its distinctive quality, all men regard the groom’s wedding suit as the best among all wedding apparel. It provides you with a very unique and elegant look. It is also appropriate for formal parties.


Classic Lapel Coat Suit for a Wedding

It is a two-piece slim-fit suit that is quite straightforward but really useful on the wedding day. The clothing is constructed from terry rayon material. The two-piece black suit on this man fits well and makes him look professional.

Wedding Coat Suit with Embroidery

What would be better on the wedding day than a Jodhpuri suit with an embroidered design? Many men would like to dress in the embroidered traditional attire.Choose neck collars with design work. Raw silk cloth, like seen in the image above, is used in its construction. Your outfit makes you appear royal thanks to the embroidered details.

Wedding Black Four-Piece Coat Suit

To create a historic atmosphere, choose a colour scheme of navy or white and black. You will look extremely lovely in these kinds of wedding clothes. A tidy shirt, pants, blazer, and waistcoat make up a four-piece men’s ensemble. If you have a mustache, style it properly, have a clean shave or trim your beard, and wear a haircut that complements your tie, belt, shoes, and watch.



Are you heading to a tropical destination wedding? Men’s suits for weddings are best suited to wearing a linen suit because it is both comfortable and fashionable. The best course of action is to choose a neutral colour since it can be easily turned into a Sunday brunch appearance at any time of the year. The Antar Agni set in cobalt will keep you as cool as a cucumber. If you’re travelling to a beach location, wear it with open sandals and a white T-shirt; otherwise, wear sneakers if you’re travelling indoors.



A touch of velvet can make a man’s wedding suit appear better. Luxurious velvet clothing in safe neutrals or jewel tones will work. Risqué is a good word to describe velvet. Wear a brooch on your lapel if you want to make a statement.

How Will You Accessorize Your Outfit?

The bow tie is the most important one for a tuxedo or tailcoat outfit. If it is a business suit, then a classic tie would be a perfect match. Along with that wedding ring, bracelet, and watch, belt, which should match the colour of the outfit and go better with shoes.
The boutonniere is also called a decoration, which is placed in the jacket pocket. It should perfectly suit the bride’s bouquet color. The groom’s outfit and accessories should go well with the bride’s dress. Make sure that not even a single element can conflict in the entire wedding ceremony, or else the wedding images will be spoiled.
Hence, choosing the wedding dress is very important. It should match the bride and the wedding occasion. Research the outfits carefully so that the wedding does not get disturbed due to any single reason.

What Is The Best Wedding Suit?

There are certain factors that should be taken under consideration when it comes to shopping for a wedding suit. The first factor is the dress code. If the wedding is formal, choose high-quality tailored suits in classic colours like navy, black, or three-piece style to make a great look.
If there is a casual dress code, then choose less structured silhouettes, bow ties, and pocket squares for a more casual wedding. Secondly, for summer and spring, opt for lightweight suit fabrics such as linen and cotton, while for winter and fall weddings, opt for thicker fabric in a deeper green color. And finally, don’t forget to appeal to your personal style. Accessorize your suit with attractive bow ties, belts, shoes, and socks.

The boutonniere is also called a decoration, which is placed in the jacket pocket. It should perfectly suit the bride’s bouquet color. The groom’s outfit and accessories should go well with the bride’s dress. Make sure that not even a single element can conflict in the entire wedding ceremony, or else the wedding images will be spoiled.
Hence, choosing the wedding dress is very important. It should match the bride and the wedding occasion. Research the outfits carefully so that the wedding does not get disturbed due to any single reason.

How To Fit A Wedding Suit?

It’s quite simple. It should be a perfect fit. Your suit’s jacket should sit directly above your shoulder, whether you wish to go baggy or super slim, and to show off your cuff wings, the sleeves should slightly be above the sleeves.
When it comes to your suit pants, you can choose a complete thigh brown and cut them above the ankles. However, for the majority of them, it is recommended to leave it just above your dress shoe to leave a deep crease.

Where To Purchase It, And How Much Will It Cost?

Customized wedding suits are available both online and offline at royal menswear and textiles, where you can find plenty of unique wedding suit designs. It offers well-tailored brands at reasonable prices and suitable accessories. Visit Royal Men’s Wear for a perfect wedding outfit and suitable accessories.




Ethnic and traditional wear are always in style. Wearing traditional Indian-inspired clothing is one of the many ways that men’s traditional attire may help you stand out and appear stylish in 2022. For men, have a look at these amazing traditional Indian outfits that will speak for you. The following looks can help you look your best for any holiday season or occasion while making you stand out from the crowd. Therefore, establish trends, improve your look, pick the finest, and dress with confidence.


At some weddings, sometimes couples decide to wear their attire according to the dress codes. While some are those who leave dresses to every individual choice. Let’s find out some of the dresses that you can plan to wear to the upcoming wedding party.

Jodhpur pants and a kurta

A cultural touch and an extraordinary appearance are added by Jodhpuri fashion. The addition of mojdis to your Jodhpuri pants and kurta completes your outfit in a fashionable and attractive way. It looks good to pair a dark kurta with neutral-colored jodhpuri trousers. You can accessorize kurtas with patterns, geometrical shapes, and decorations when wearing these styles of trousers. When attending a wedding or during a festive season, men typically dress in one of the most traditional outfits. The use of golden, silver, and gemstone buttons, as well as exquisite embroidery work, gives it an incredible appearance.



A knee-length jacket with a collar, a center front opening, and a slit is one of the most common clothes worn by grooms. It is worn on top of a kurta, which may be paired with jodhpurs, trousers, pajamas, churidars, dhotis, or fitting pants to give your outfit an exquisite appearance. It’s possible that they feature intricate stonework and other motifs. There are many different sherwani styles on the market today, from basic to intricate designer Indo-Western forms. The Mughal period clothes, in particular, were the inspiration for the sherwani. The traditional menswear category as a whole has some of the most inspired clothing.


Pathani Suit

The Pathani Suit is inspired by traditional garments from Arab countries, which are popularly worn at Indian functions. This outfit looks elegant and casual and also goes well for any festive occasion. It comes with a long kurta with a collar and front pockets and baggy salwar trousers. It usually has rounded hems and a button placket. Mostly, cotton fabric is used for pathani suits. And along with this, loafers or moccasins can be paired to elevate your ethnic style and take your look to another level.

Dhoti/Mondu from Kerala

One of the most common outfits worn by South Indians is the dhoti or lungi. It consists of a rectangular piece of fabric that can be made of cotton or silk and is often white, off-white, or ivory in colour with a thin golden border. It is stretched to cover the legs and wrapped around the waist by tucking in pleats.

Indo-western groups

Since the British era, Indo-Western clothing has dominated the Indian fashion scene. It enhances and distinguishes the appearance of our clothing. With a contemporary touch, this blends ethnic elements. With their printed long coats, they offer modern designs that might be symmetrical or have cowl hemlines. Recently, they have gained enormous popularity among males, giving them a more fashionable and up scale appearance.


Nehru Jackets

These Mandarin-collared vest coats, which are popular and considered “must haves” in a man’s wardrobe, are named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru jackets can effortlessly enhance any style and can elevate your classic appearance to a whole new level. They can suddenly change the way you seem and make you look ethnically stylish.


Dhoti slacks

Have you always feared having your dhoti slip off in the middle of a party or a wedding? Dhoti pants have made it possible for you to put that dread to rest. Even though you may easily put it on like any other pair of pants, it gives the appearance that you are wearing a dhoti because of the flare. With so many different colours and materials to choose from, you can pair it with a bandhgala, kurta, sherwani, or Nehru jacket for an eye-catching look.

Men’s ethnic wear accessories

You are quite mistaken if you assumed that women were the only ones who wore accessories. In fact, there are so many accessories available to guys nowadays that they are utterly overwhelmed with options. The right accessories may completely transform the game. They have the power to significantly influence a man’s wardrobe and sense of fashion. Having said that, you should still use caution to avoid going overboard. The best accessories for guys are listed here in order to help them enhance their ethnic appearance. Thus, males, get ready to attract some interest!

Safa and turban

Turbans are significant, particularly during wedding ceremonies. Today, style is essential while accomplishing something. Men wear turbans, which are long, multicolored pieces of clothing that are manually knotted to form headgear. Turbans that are already created are now widely available, saving you the hassle of learning the proper way to tie them. Safas, on the other hand, are a finer alternative to turbans that are shorter and broader. Usually, they have additional ornamentation and little pleats on top that resemble fans. You can easily make a fashion statement by accessorizing your outfit with a contrasting coloured or floral patterned turban, whether it’s a kurta, sherwani, Jodhpuri suit, or Nehru jacket.


Typically, a stole or dupatta is a long, slender garment with tassels. It is often worn by males around the neck or over the shoulders in the front and is made of crushed silk or dupion cloth. The majority of them have a single color-black, white, red, etc.-with a hint or border of gold, and they appear elegant when worn with the appropriate attire, such as Kurtas, sherwanis, achkans, and other indo-western outfits-during festivals, weddings, or other special occasions.


When attending a wedding or other such event, the turban is accessorized with a kilangi or kalangi. A royal badge of honor that is mostly composed of metal and decorated with diamonds, pearls, and feathers to give you guys a regal appearance. It looks best on men’s turbans, but you can take it a step further by using it as a brooch on sherwani or bandhgala outfits.

Pocket square

The pocket square is mostly for ornamentation and is placed in the jacket’s breast pocket, so you can tell it apart. It is often composed of satin, dupion, silk, cotton, or another fine fabric, and it is tiny enough to be folded without adding bulk. This elegant item, which is sometimes mistaken for handkerchiefs, may make a stylish statement. They quickly give any outfit a dapper appeal. In order to wear them with printed or solid jackets, Nehru jackets, or bandhgala suits (with pockets), pick them in contrasting colours for weddings, sangeets, or other celebrations.


Men’s slip-on shoes, also known as khussa, are identical to those for women in design but feature a sharp extended point and a nokh that curves upward like a traditional mustache. These shoes, which featured lavishly decorated motifs or intricate patterns, were thought to be ceremonial footwear. They go well with Kurtas, Sherwanis, Achkans, Dhoti Pants, Jodpuri Suits, for any ethnic events, and for weddings.



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Any wardrobe is incomplete without having a dashing-looking suit in it. Whether for a special occasion or as part of your daily routine, suits not only complement your outfit, but also boost your confidence. Suits are already known to make you feel confident and attract respect, so they must be the perfect size to ensure your comfort. So you have to keep a few things in mind before you buy a suit for yourself. Whether you are new or experienced, this guide will help you figure out your doubts while wearing suits.

Follow the dos and don’ts mentioned in this article, and you will be sure to shine like a star in your office.

Dos and Don'ts for "The Suit Fit"

One of the most important things you should do after selecting your suit from the market is to visit the tailor. You must be one in a million if you pick up a suit, and it just fits your body perfectly. You can, however, wear it if you believe it is perfect. If you take it to a tailor, make sure you give them clear instructions, so they can adjust it to your size.

Here are a few things that you need to take care of to get a perfect fit:

Jacket Length

Don’t wear the suit that drags down to your feet. However, the length of the suit is determined by your height. If your height is 5.9 inches, you should get your suit length just below the hip bones. If you are taller than that, the suit length should be a bit lower.

See, you are not going to get the perfect size at once. So, ask your tailor to cut a smaller length. Get the finishing touch when you’re satisfied with the length of your suit.Don’t just say, “Make it 5 inches short.” If it gets too much shorter, they cannot repair it and add the extra fabric back on.


Shoulder Seams

Shoulder seams are so named because they are meant to end at the shoulders. Make sure there are no wrinkles on the shoulder seams, as they look ugly and show from far away that you bought a suit from a low-quality tailor. If you want to get a professional look, you need to have your shoulder seams flat. If your suit has rounded shoulders, you should ask your tailor to add padding to it so it looks as flat as possible.



Sleeve Length

When it comes to sleeve length, many people have different opinions, but usually, people want their suit to be about a quarter to a half-inch above the line where the shirt ends. When your suit is of this length, it doesn’t show too much of your shirt, and it shows your suit is proportionately shorter than your shirt. It gives you a nice, tall, and dashing look.

Jacket body

Your suit jacket shouldn’t be overly tight. Get a suit that won’t cause you to pull the button when you tug on it. After wearing the suit, you shouldn’t feel as though your body is stuck in something. Instead, the suit should hug you lightly and provide you with enough comfort. If you think that all of this is rocket science, Simply go ahead and buy a suit that is not too tight but also not too large.



If you are trying on a new suit, make sure the collar of the suit and your shirt have no gap and are resting on each other. If they are not resting on each other, then it is too loose. Second, if the neck of your suit is wrinkled at the back and you feel uncomfortable, the suit is probably too tight.



Check for the armholes. If the armholes are so narrow that they are slicing into your armpits, then you must get rid of that suit. Also, don’t get a suit that has baggy armholes.


Button Stance

Ensure that the suit button is positioned above your navel, at least an inch away from it, and does not go below it.


Pants, waist, and seat

If you’re wearing a suit, your pants are also a crucial component of your outfit. As a result, when you buy pants, make sure they sit over your hipbone and are the appropriate size for your waist without a belt. The seat should also be tight enough and have enough fabric so that it does not tear when you sit down.


Pant Legs

You must not purchase pants with more than an inch of fabric on either side of the thigh. Even if the pants have an inch or more, they will be either too loose or too tight if they have less.


Hems and Cuffs

You might have seen people making their pants short or having a break just above their shoes. But if you are wearing suit pants, it is not necessary to have your pants hemmed at the bottom just above the shoes. However, if you think that your pants are too long, you can surely get them sewed from the bottom.

Tips for Improving Your Style

Now that you know how important it is to choose your suit and pants and get them fixed, Here we will go over some of the quick dos and don’ts that you should always keep in mind to keep your appearance looking polished.

  • Buttons are of nearly no use; make sure you keep your suit open all the time.
  • Unbutton the bottom button if you are wearing a vest under your suit.
  • Tug the top button of your shirt.
  • If you are wearing a suit, never pair it with an athletic watch.
  • Keep your outfit as simple as possible to allow your suit to draw all the attention.
  • Don’t wear brightly colored shoes; wear shoes that match your suit. It will complement the suit you are wearing.
  • Wear socks that fully cover your ankles. Moreover, don’t wear white shoes; it will draw people’s attention.
  • The tie you are wearing should touch just above the buckle of your belt.
  • Wear a tie that contrasts with your suit. A dark tie will go with a light suit, and a light suit must carry a dark tie.
  • The tie base should not be wider than the tie you are wearing.
  • Wear something under your shirt if you sweat. It will protect you from sweat stains and embarrassment.


Now that you have learned the art and science behind wearing a perfect suit, you are perfectly ready to be the star of your office or party. We have covered everything you need to feel confident when buying your first or next suit.

Check out our website and find the perfect suit for yourself! Also, check out other articles where we talk about how to style yourself better.




Unlike women, most men have little to no idea about the “science of dresses”. If you are that guy, who does not have any idea of what sort of dress to choose for different types of occasions, and you always needed a helping hand with this tedious task, then this article is for you. As you also know that you cannot wear an orange shirt and blue pants at a wedding. Here we are helping you with dressing styles for weddings. We’ll talk about evening wedding attire for men. Especially, we are going to talk about the different situations and the dresses you should wear accordingly.

Read ahead, and let Royal menswear help you through the maze of wedding suit options and help you choose the link text best suits in HSR Layout, Bangalore even if it’s your wedding, or for someone who is close to you.


At some weddings, sometimes couples decide to wear their attire according to the dress codes. While some are those who leave dresses to every individual choice. Let’s find out some of the dresses that you can plan to wear to the upcoming wedding party.

Creative Black Tie Men’s Attire

Although the guidelines are flexible, Creative Black Tie keeps the wedding atmosphere relatively formal. Although a tux is still the preferred option, you can also experiment a little. Dinner jacket options, such as a contrasting jacket with black tux pants, are fantastic options. Patterned or subdued-colored neckties and bow ties are acceptable. For this attire, a vibrant suit is also acceptable.


Cocktail Wedding Attire

Imagine you’re heading out for cocktails in business casual dress. It will appear that you came straight away to the party from your office without changing. A medium-dark suit is typically the finest option for cocktail wear, which is a flexible dress code that covers all your bases. A punchier necktie, an eye-catching pocket square, or some killer shoes might add a bit more personality to this suit than your typical 9-to-5 getup.


White Tie Attire For Men


As it is formal attire, you should wear a jacket with tails and, potentially, a monocle on your eye (kind of kidding). Although our version below comes close to meeting the requirements, you should probably seek stylist advice if you receive an invitation to a White Tie event.


Black Tie Men’s Attire

Stick to the list because this is formal and specific: black bow tie, black tuxedo, and white tux shirt. Although neckties and bright colors carry a higher level of risk, there are still a number of ways to stand out. For a more contemporary appearance, try a tux shirt with a fold-down collar and accessorize sparingly by including a pocket square, suspenders, or button studs in your attire. Men’s black-tie wedding clothing is all about understated customization.



Black Tie Optional Attire For Men

“Black Tie Optional” isn’t fully optional when it comes to wearing a black tie. Guests are essentially excused if they can’t wear a tuxedo for some reason. A black tie is optional for males at weddings, but if you can, wear a tux. Otherwise, a dark suit and tie are OK. Consider wearing a black bow tie or a black and white bow tie with a design. Even better, switch up your usual black tuxedo with one that is a deep indigo.

Casual Men’s Attire

Most adult people are aware that they shouldn’t wear shorts or denim to a wedding, despite the fact that the phrase “casual” on an invitation can be perplexing to the inexperienced. For men’s casual wedding wear, dress pants and a blazer are a must, while a suit with a dress shirt and dress shoes is preferable. Since weddings are significant events, a “casual” appearance should complement a laid-back setting, while yet recognizing the significance of the occasion.

No Dress-code

We firmly advise giving the guests a dress code if you are the one organizing this event, so they may be prepared. If you’re a wedding guest, try to wear something that does not catch everyone’s attention from an awful shock. A tuxedo might be too formal, so choose an outfit that falls in between business casual and cocktail clothes. You might also look at the wedding location for suggestions on what to wear. +Complimentary hues, and, complete the look.

Men’s Summer Wedding Attire

Suit Pants-Free is not what SPF stands for. For protection from the sun during the summer, decide on a light-colored suit or a white dinner jacket. Additionally, feel free to omit the socks and attempt to add some texture to your ensemble with accessories made of chambray, linen, or seersucker.

Hot Seasoned Wedding Attire For Men

We all enjoy layering up in the fall, but temperatures can range from 48° to 84° on any given day. Layering is the secret. Wear a vest that you can take out anytime when you feel it unbearable to wear it. Allow the season’s hues to influence your attire if the dress code is informal. Find a great pair of brown leather or suede shoes, select a pocket square and tie in


We hope this article has been a little help for you to crack the dress for the upcoming event or wedding. We always try to make your attire-choosing process easy. If you love to read about how to improve, choose, and wear your dress, make sure you read our blogs. Check our website to read more exciting content.





To clear it up, here is the article for you. We have described the premium and most loved suiting and shirting fabrics by many people around the world. The right choice of fabrics gives you the stylish look, and it makes you feel confident for the whole day. I hope you will have a wide choice with Royal menswear textiles, HSR layout to choose your next dress.

Raymond Fabric

With over 97 years of legacy in the textile industry, Raymond is one of the most loved brands in India. Raymond is a global leader in fabrics and is regarded as the world’s largest worsted suiting and shirting fabrics producer.

They’ve mastered the art of producing the best-blending polyester and suiting and shirting fabrics. One of the specialties of Raymond’s blending polyester fabrics is the blend of fibers like Alpaca, Cashmere, Angora, etc.

Not only Indians are fans of Raymond fabrics, but over 55 countries around the world import suits, trousers, and apparel made of Raymond fabrics.
Raymond fabric


Raymond’s fabrics are perfect for formal items like suits and dress shirts. This is one of the most preferred brands for weddings, graduations, and other special occasions all around the world because of its premium look and quality.

Tips for Improving Your Style

  • This fabric gives you a smooth feel and superb drape, which looks super classy
  • Raymond’s suiting and shirting fabrics are engineered to make it suitable for daily use too.
  • It is a great choice for one seeking easily handled fabrics.
  • Raymond’s fabric gives you a wonderful look for a longer duration, as it resists wrinkles and stains.
  • Additionally, this fabric’s breathability adapts well to all weather conditions.

You can find the best suiting and shirting Raymond fabrics and dresses in the Royal Menswear store in HSR layout.


Reid & Taylor Fabric

Reid & Taylor, a prominent suiting and shirting brand in India, is recognized for its unwavering commitment to quality, innovative designs, and strong presence in the luxury segment. Even movie stars endorse this brand for its superfine quality. The shirting fabrics of Reil & Taylor is made of cotton and are created using yarn of only the highest quality fibers like Giza, Pima & Suvin. They have a huge collection of suiting fabrics with tonnes of styles, weaves, and patterns.

Reid & Taylor is one of the most premium brands in India and all around the world. Reid & Taylor fabrics are made up of the finest wool, called merino wool. People who use Reid and Taylor for suiting and shirting always prefer it for its softness, long durability, and most comfortable material to wear in all seasons.

Benefits of choosing Reid & Taylor Fabric for suits and shirts

  • The Reid & Taylor suiting and shirting fabrics can go on every occasion.
  • People prefer Reid & Taylor brand for its authenticity, and unique designs that can be worn at weddings, graduations, and other significant occasions.
  • The suiting and shirting fabrics are hypoallergenic and give a comfortable feel for the one who has sensitive skin.
  • A Reid & Taylor suit or shirt will give a wonderful look for longer because the fabrics naturally resist wrinkles and stains.

So, Reid & Taylor suiting and shirting fabrics available at Royal Menswear at HSR layout are an amazing choice if you are looking to add a new member to your wardrobe.

So, Reid & Taylor suiting and shirting fabrics available at Royal Menswear at HSR layout are an amazing choice if you are looking to add a new member to your wardrobe.


Park Avenue Fabric

The third top of our list is Park Avenue Fabric. This is a brand, which is owned by Raymond itself. People who already have Raymond can choose Park Avenue Fabrics for a change, as it’s known for its high-quality cotton textiles.

Park Avenue fabrics are made up of long-staple cotton. People from all over the world can prefer Park Avenue for both warm and mild weather, especially for its soft and pleasant look.

The fabric of Park Avenue has a soft texture and durability. You can find many varieties of Park Avenue Fabrics at Royal Menswear at HSR layout exclusively.


For formal attire like suits and shirts, Park Avenue fabric is the best choice. With that, the price range of Park Avenue Fabrics is affordable and worth it. Hence, if you are looking to buy some worthy material, avail Park Avenue fabrics at Royal Mens Wear, HSR layout, Bangalore for an elegant look.


D&J Fabric

Fourth on our list is another premium brand, D&J. This is a well-known brand in the textile industry, known for its expertise in Italian design and tailoring directly to the end customer. They’ve mastered the combination of different fabrics like 100% wool, 100% Supima cotton, high twist T/R, and T/R- Polyester fabrics. They are also further tailored into different styles that are classic as well as contemporary

People who love to get customized dresses from their tailors will prefer this brand frequently. Because D&J fabrics give long-lasting stylish looks.

Benefits of choosing D&J Fabric for suits and shirts

Those who seek a comfortable and well-fitting style will prefer this fabric’s silky texture and superb draping capabilities.
The fabric’s breathability perfectly suits all the weather. Due to its sumptuous feel and high caliber, D&J fabric is a preferred option for suits and shirts.


Italian Fabric

Unlike man-made synthetic fabrics, Italian fabrics are crafted with finely woven natural materials like cotton, wool, and linen to produce premium suits. Most of the film stars and models go for the Italian Fabric as it has a very unique look and feel. Genuine Italian fabrics are one of the best materials for suiting and shirting.


One of the interesting facts about Italian fabrics is that they have a unique weaving pattern, which cannot be found elsewhere. Moreover, the fabric is extraordinarily soft on the skin.

And if you are going to buy something premium cloth for your wardrobe. Go for the Italian Fabrics, which is one of the most elegant choices for both suiting and shirting.


We hope you like this article. We discussed some of the best suiting and shirting fabrics. You can avail of all the fabrics at Royal Mens Wear, HSR layout, Bangalore at an affordable price. Our expert professionals also customize dresses that are suitable for formal wear and casual wear. We are considering your needs and personal preferences while selecting the best fabric to decorate your wardrobe.

Top 3 stylish (1)



Finding the perfect wedding suit is like finding a needle in a haystack. But no fears!!, we bring you the top 3 stylish Raymond suits for the coming big day. With 100+ years of experience in men’s fashion, Raymond is synonymous with impeccable craftsmanship, premium quality, and style.

Read ahead, and let Royal menswear help you through the maze of wedding suit options and help you choose the link text best suits in HSR Layout, Bangalore even if it’s your wedding, or for someone who is close to you.


Raymond Men Medium Fawn Checks Regular Fit Wedding Suit

If you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication to your wedding look, then Royal Menswear presents you with the Raymond Men Medium Fawn Checks Regular Fit Wedding Suit. It is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for Raymond Suiting and shirting in Bangalore. As, the suit exudes class and elegance while maintaining a modern edge that is sure to turn heads.

The fawn check pattern is subtle and understated, adding just the right amount of texture and interest to your getup without overwhelming your overall look.

You can find this elegant Raymond suit in Bangalore at HSR layout from Royal Menswear & Textiles.

What makes this suit special?

  • The suit comes in the regular fit size with a medium fawn in color which looks so elegant and royal.
  • The suit is made of 95% polyester and 5% rayon, which gives a perfect shine to your suit. This Raymond Suit is full sleeves, designed perfectly for weddings.
  • Find this Raymond suit in Bangalore at HSR layout from Royal Menswear & Textiles exclusively.
Medium Grey

Raymond Men Medium Grey Solid Regular Fit Work Suit

If you are confused to pick a suit for yourself, here is the best all-rounder suits in Bangalore that you can go for. You can find this suit at Royal Menswear at HSR layout for a timeless and classic look, the Raymond Men Medium Grey Solid Regular Fit Work Suit is an excellent choice. This Raymond suit is versatile enough that is perfect for both formal and semiformal occasions, making it an ideal option for weddings.

The medium grey color is subtle and understated, providing a neutral base that can be paired with various shirt and tie combinations. The solid pattern adds to the suit’s simplicity and elegance, making it a great option for a groom or a wedding guest.

Why do people love this Raymond Suit?

This Suiting and shirting can be tailored to fit everyone, so you don’t have to worry about fitting issues.One of the dashing things about this suit is, its color, the color itself looks so dope to catch others’ attention, and it is perfect for occasions like weddings. The suiting and shirting fabric which is used in this Raymond suit is 100% polyester.


Ethnix By Raymond

If you’re looking for the best suits, this one is one of the perfect buys available at Royal Menswear at HSR layout. This suit reflects your unique sense of style. Ethnix By Raymond suit with its bold and vibrant colors and intricate design details, this suit is a statement piece that will make you stand out on your big day. The Ethnix By Raymond suit is inspired by Indian ethnic wear, with a fusion of traditional and contemporary design elements that makes it a perfect suit for weddings.


  • Crafted from premium quality fabrics that are made to last
  • Precise stitching and perfect finish showcase Raymond’s expertise in men’s fashion
  • A versatile option that can be paired with various accessories to create different looks
  • Available in multiple sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your body type

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Suit

Dresses matter a lot for the occasion. Thus, before buying any suiting and shirting, know the following tips to make a better choice.


Consider the wedding theme

Understand the theme of the wedding before buying the wedding suit for yourself. If it is a formal wedding, you can go with our first Raymond suit on the list. If it is a casual wedding theme, you can experiment with color and your suits.


Know your body type

Knowing your body type is essential for selecting a suit that flatters your figure. If you’re tall, go with a single-breasted suit with a low-button stance. If you’re short, go for a double-breasted suit with a high-button stance.


Choose the right fit

The fitness of your suit is critical to achieve, which gives a polished and put-together appearance. Check the fitness of your suit in the shoulders, chest, and waist. If you’re unsure of your size, have a professional measure you.


Consider the fabric

The quality of fabric for a suit depends on how comfortable and breathable it is. Choose breathable and lightweight fabrics like wool or linen.


Don't forget to choose right access

Choosing the right accessories such as ties, pocket squares, and shoes can enrich your overall appearance.


We hope you liked the article where we listed the top 3 stylish Raymond suits for weddings. We talked about the specialties of each suit and why you should buy them. If you are planning to buy one, check out the Royal mens wear & textiles, HSR layout, Bangalore. Moreover, we discussed the tips that you should keep in mind before buying suits for yourself. So that you will have a handsome look in our stylish suit.