Ethnic and traditional wear are always in style. Wearing traditional Indian-inspired clothing is one of the many ways that men’s traditional attire may help you stand out and appear stylish in 2022. For men, have a look at these amazing traditional Indian outfits that will speak for you. The following looks can help you look your best for any holiday season or occasion while making you stand out from the crowd. Therefore, establish trends, improve your look, pick the finest, and dress with confidence.


At some weddings, sometimes couples decide to wear their attire according to the dress codes. While some are those who leave dresses to every individual choice. Let’s find out some of the dresses that you can plan to wear to the upcoming wedding party.

Jodhpur pants and a kurta

A cultural touch and an extraordinary appearance are added by Jodhpuri fashion. The addition of mojdis to your Jodhpuri pants and kurta completes your outfit in a fashionable and attractive way. It looks good to pair a dark kurta with neutral-colored jodhpuri trousers. You can accessorize kurtas with patterns, geometrical shapes, and decorations when wearing these styles of trousers. When attending a wedding or during a festive season, men typically dress in one of the most traditional outfits. The use of golden, silver, and gemstone buttons, as well as exquisite embroidery work, gives it an incredible appearance.



A knee-length jacket with a collar, a center front opening, and a slit is one of the most common clothes worn by grooms. It is worn on top of a kurta, which may be paired with jodhpurs, trousers, pajamas, churidars, dhotis, or fitting pants to give your outfit an exquisite appearance. It’s possible that they feature intricate stonework and other motifs. There are many different sherwani styles on the market today, from basic to intricate designer Indo-Western forms. The Mughal period clothes, in particular, were the inspiration for the sherwani. The traditional menswear category as a whole has some of the most inspired clothing.


Pathani Suit

The Pathani Suit is inspired by traditional garments from Arab countries, which are popularly worn at Indian functions. This outfit looks elegant and casual and also goes well for any festive occasion. It comes with a long kurta with a collar and front pockets and baggy salwar trousers. It usually has rounded hems and a button placket. Mostly, cotton fabric is used for pathani suits. And along with this, loafers or moccasins can be paired to elevate your ethnic style and take your look to another level.

Dhoti/Mondu from Kerala

One of the most common outfits worn by South Indians is the dhoti or lungi. It consists of a rectangular piece of fabric that can be made of cotton or silk and is often white, off-white, or ivory in colour with a thin golden border. It is stretched to cover the legs and wrapped around the waist by tucking in pleats.

Indo-western groups

Since the British era, Indo-Western clothing has dominated the Indian fashion scene. It enhances and distinguishes the appearance of our clothing. With a contemporary touch, this blends ethnic elements. With their printed long coats, they offer modern designs that might be symmetrical or have cowl hemlines. Recently, they have gained enormous popularity among males, giving them a more fashionable and up scale appearance.


Nehru Jackets

These Mandarin-collared vest coats, which are popular and considered “must haves” in a man’s wardrobe, are named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru jackets can effortlessly enhance any style and can elevate your classic appearance to a whole new level. They can suddenly change the way you seem and make you look ethnically stylish.


Dhoti slacks

Have you always feared having your dhoti slip off in the middle of a party or a wedding? Dhoti pants have made it possible for you to put that dread to rest. Even though you may easily put it on like any other pair of pants, it gives the appearance that you are wearing a dhoti because of the flare. With so many different colours and materials to choose from, you can pair it with a bandhgala, kurta, sherwani, or Nehru jacket for an eye-catching look.

Men’s ethnic wear accessories

You are quite mistaken if you assumed that women were the only ones who wore accessories. In fact, there are so many accessories available to guys nowadays that they are utterly overwhelmed with options. The right accessories may completely transform the game. They have the power to significantly influence a man’s wardrobe and sense of fashion. Having said that, you should still use caution to avoid going overboard. The best accessories for guys are listed here in order to help them enhance their ethnic appearance. Thus, males, get ready to attract some interest!

Safa and turban

Turbans are significant, particularly during wedding ceremonies. Today, style is essential while accomplishing something. Men wear turbans, which are long, multicolored pieces of clothing that are manually knotted to form headgear. Turbans that are already created are now widely available, saving you the hassle of learning the proper way to tie them. Safas, on the other hand, are a finer alternative to turbans that are shorter and broader. Usually, they have additional ornamentation and little pleats on top that resemble fans. You can easily make a fashion statement by accessorizing your outfit with a contrasting coloured or floral patterned turban, whether it’s a kurta, sherwani, Jodhpuri suit, or Nehru jacket.


Typically, a stole or dupatta is a long, slender garment with tassels. It is often worn by males around the neck or over the shoulders in the front and is made of crushed silk or dupion cloth. The majority of them have a single color-black, white, red, etc.-with a hint or border of gold, and they appear elegant when worn with the appropriate attire, such as Kurtas, sherwanis, achkans, and other indo-western outfits-during festivals, weddings, or other special occasions.


When attending a wedding or other such event, the turban is accessorized with a kilangi or kalangi. A royal badge of honor that is mostly composed of metal and decorated with diamonds, pearls, and feathers to give you guys a regal appearance. It looks best on men’s turbans, but you can take it a step further by using it as a brooch on sherwani or bandhgala outfits.

Pocket square

The pocket square is mostly for ornamentation and is placed in the jacket’s breast pocket, so you can tell it apart. It is often composed of satin, dupion, silk, cotton, or another fine fabric, and it is tiny enough to be folded without adding bulk. This elegant item, which is sometimes mistaken for handkerchiefs, may make a stylish statement. They quickly give any outfit a dapper appeal. In order to wear them with printed or solid jackets, Nehru jackets, or bandhgala suits (with pockets), pick them in contrasting colours for weddings, sangeets, or other celebrations.


Men’s slip-on shoes, also known as khussa, are identical to those for women in design but feature a sharp extended point and a nokh that curves upward like a traditional mustache. These shoes, which featured lavishly decorated motifs or intricate patterns, were thought to be ceremonial footwear. They go well with Kurtas, Sherwanis, Achkans, Dhoti Pants, Jodpuri Suits, for any ethnic events, and for weddings.



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