To clear it up, here is the article for you. We have described the premium and most loved suiting and shirting fabrics by many people around the world. The right choice of fabrics gives you the stylish look, and it makes you feel confident for the whole day. I hope you will have a wide choice with Royal menswear textiles, HSR layout to choose your next dress.

Raymond Fabric

With over 97 years of legacy in the textile industry, Raymond is one of the most loved brands in India. Raymond is a global leader in fabrics and is regarded as the world’s largest worsted suiting and shirting fabrics producer.

They’ve mastered the art of producing the best-blending polyester and suiting and shirting fabrics. One of the specialties of Raymond’s blending polyester fabrics is the blend of fibers like Alpaca, Cashmere, Angora, etc.

Not only Indians are fans of Raymond fabrics, but over 55 countries around the world import suits, trousers, and apparel made of Raymond fabrics.
Raymond fabric


Raymond’s fabrics are perfect for formal items like suits and dress shirts. This is one of the most preferred brands for weddings, graduations, and other special occasions all around the world because of its premium look and quality.

Tips for Improving Your Style

  • This fabric gives you a smooth feel and superb drape, which looks super classy
  • Raymond’s suiting and shirting fabrics are engineered to make it suitable for daily use too.
  • It is a great choice for one seeking easily handled fabrics.
  • Raymond’s fabric gives you a wonderful look for a longer duration, as it resists wrinkles and stains.
  • Additionally, this fabric’s breathability adapts well to all weather conditions.

You can find the best suiting and shirting Raymond fabrics and dresses in the Royal Menswear store in HSR layout.


Reid & Taylor Fabric

Reid & Taylor, a prominent suiting and shirting brand in India, is recognized for its unwavering commitment to quality, innovative designs, and strong presence in the luxury segment. Even movie stars endorse this brand for its superfine quality. The shirting fabrics of Reil & Taylor is made of cotton and are created using yarn of only the highest quality fibers like Giza, Pima & Suvin. They have a huge collection of suiting fabrics with tonnes of styles, weaves, and patterns.

Reid & Taylor is one of the most premium brands in India and all around the world. Reid & Taylor fabrics are made up of the finest wool, called merino wool. People who use Reid and Taylor for suiting and shirting always prefer it for its softness, long durability, and most comfortable material to wear in all seasons.

Benefits of choosing Reid & Taylor Fabric for suits and shirts

  • The Reid & Taylor suiting and shirting fabrics can go on every occasion.
  • People prefer Reid & Taylor brand for its authenticity, and unique designs that can be worn at weddings, graduations, and other significant occasions.
  • The suiting and shirting fabrics are hypoallergenic and give a comfortable feel for the one who has sensitive skin.
  • A Reid & Taylor suit or shirt will give a wonderful look for longer because the fabrics naturally resist wrinkles and stains.

So, Reid & Taylor suiting and shirting fabrics available at Royal Menswear at HSR layout are an amazing choice if you are looking to add a new member to your wardrobe.

So, Reid & Taylor suiting and shirting fabrics available at Royal Menswear at HSR layout are an amazing choice if you are looking to add a new member to your wardrobe.


Park Avenue Fabric

The third top of our list is Park Avenue Fabric. This is a brand, which is owned by Raymond itself. People who already have Raymond can choose Park Avenue Fabrics for a change, as it’s known for its high-quality cotton textiles.

Park Avenue fabrics are made up of long-staple cotton. People from all over the world can prefer Park Avenue for both warm and mild weather, especially for its soft and pleasant look.

The fabric of Park Avenue has a soft texture and durability. You can find many varieties of Park Avenue Fabrics at Royal Menswear at HSR layout exclusively.


For formal attire like suits and shirts, Park Avenue fabric is the best choice. With that, the price range of Park Avenue Fabrics is affordable and worth it. Hence, if you are looking to buy some worthy material, avail Park Avenue fabrics at Royal Mens Wear, HSR layout, Bangalore for an elegant look.


D&J Fabric

Fourth on our list is another premium brand, D&J. This is a well-known brand in the textile industry, known for its expertise in Italian design and tailoring directly to the end customer. They’ve mastered the combination of different fabrics like 100% wool, 100% Supima cotton, high twist T/R, and T/R- Polyester fabrics. They are also further tailored into different styles that are classic as well as contemporary

People who love to get customized dresses from their tailors will prefer this brand frequently. Because D&J fabrics give long-lasting stylish looks.

Benefits of choosing D&J Fabric for suits and shirts

Those who seek a comfortable and well-fitting style will prefer this fabric’s silky texture and superb draping capabilities.
The fabric’s breathability perfectly suits all the weather. Due to its sumptuous feel and high caliber, D&J fabric is a preferred option for suits and shirts.


Italian Fabric

Unlike man-made synthetic fabrics, Italian fabrics are crafted with finely woven natural materials like cotton, wool, and linen to produce premium suits. Most of the film stars and models go for the Italian Fabric as it has a very unique look and feel. Genuine Italian fabrics are one of the best materials for suiting and shirting.


One of the interesting facts about Italian fabrics is that they have a unique weaving pattern, which cannot be found elsewhere. Moreover, the fabric is extraordinarily soft on the skin.

And if you are going to buy something premium cloth for your wardrobe. Go for the Italian Fabrics, which is one of the most elegant choices for both suiting and shirting.


We hope you like this article. We discussed some of the best suiting and shirting fabrics. You can avail of all the fabrics at Royal Mens Wear, HSR layout, Bangalore at an affordable price. Our expert professionals also customize dresses that are suitable for formal wear and casual wear. We are considering your needs and personal preferences while selecting the best fabric to decorate your wardrobe.