5 Styling tips: How to style Casual Blazers for Men?


Casual blazers are the perfect choice for a party when you want to stand out in a refined and relaxed way, isn’t it? The key is to pair your blazer with the right clothing pieces. The question is, how can you style these versatile blazers for different events? Don’t worry; I’ve some fantastic tips and ideas to make sure you rock the casual blazer look everywhere you go! Let’s get exploring. 


If you’re looking for some pro tips on styling casual blazers for men on different occasions, you’ve come to the right place. It is important for every man to have casual blazers that are versatile and can be worn for any occasion, whether it be dressed up or down. They are perfect for various occasions, and apart from formal blazers, casual blazers can also be worn and styled in different ways. Casual blazers can enhance your overall look, providing a touch of elegance to any outfit. Whether attending a casual get-together, a business lunch, or a semi-formal evening event, a well-fitted blazer can make a significant difference.

How to Choose the Right Casual Blazers for Men?

If I’m right, selecting the fitting casual blazer can be more complicated than styling it. With this Essential Guide to selecting Casual Blazers for Men, you can choose the fit casual blazer and become a pro in styling it. The two essential factors I will suggest you consider while selecting the fit casual blazer are,

Focus on the Fit

  • Achieving a fashionable casual blazer appearance heavily relies on finding the perfect fit. It is important to search for blazers that accentuate your body shape without being excessively tight or loose. A well-tailored blazer will enhance your silhouette and give you a polished appearance.

Selecting the Right Colors

  • Choose versatile colors such as navy blue, charcoal gray, or beige, as they can easily complement a range of outfits. Classic colors are timeless and will always remain appealing.

5 Tips of Styling Casual Blazers for Men on Different Occasions

1. Casual Gathering

Are you heading out for a casual gathering with friends? A casual blazer is the perfect choice to achieve this balance. 

  • To rock your casual gathering outfit, pair your blazer with a crisp white t-shirt for a laid-back feel. 
  • Consider wearing dark denim jeans that will match well with the blazer and give a touch of elegance.
  • Complete the ensemble with trendy Leather Sneakers for ultimate comfort and style. This effortlessly cool look will make you stand out at any casual get-together, exuding confidence and charm while keeping you at ease throughout the event.
  • So, dress up your casual blazer for a memorable and fashionable appearance at your next gathering with friends or family.

2. Business Casual Attire

A well-styled casual blazer can be your go-to choice for a polished and professional look. For a perfect business casual ensemble, start with a light-colored dress shirt that complements the casual blazer

  • Choose a pair of tailored trousers that fit impeccably to maintain a bright appearance. Complete the outfit with classic Oxford shoes to add a touch of sophistication. 

The casual blazer outfit is a great way to add a touch of refinement to your outfit without appearing too formal. It creates the perfect balance between professionalism and comfort.

Whether it’s a business meeting, a client presentation, or a corporate event, this ensemble will ensure you make a lasting impression with your impeccable sense of style and confidence. 


3. Date Night

Are you searching for a way to make a lasting impression on your date night and turn heads? If so, are you prepared to take the spotlight and create a memorable experience for both you and your date? 

Textured Blazer: Start with a charcoal gray textured blazer for a touch of sophistication. The texture adds visual interest to the outfit, making it stand out.

If you want a traditional look, try wearing the blazer with a fresh white button-down shirt. The white shirt nicely enhances the blazer and gives it a timeless charm.

Slim-Fit Chinos: Opt for slim-fit chinos in a complementary color, such as deep navy or olive green. The chinos add a refined yet relaxed element to the ensemble.

Leather Dress Shoes: Slip into sleek leather shoes to elevate the outfit and exude elegance.

Stylish Belt: Remember to accessorize with a stylish belt that complements the outfit’s color scheme.

Classy Wristwatch: Complete the look with an elegant wristwatch for a touch of luxury and attention to detail.

4. Semi-Formal Events

Are you attending a semi-formal event? Team up your blazer outfits with a dress shirt, a patterned tie, dress pants, and dress shoes. This polished look is perfect for weddings, cocktail parties, or formal dinners. 

Tailored Gray Suit: For a semi-formal outfit, begin with a customized gray suit as the base. Gray is a classic color used in various settings to convey elegance and refinement.

Crisp White Dress Shirt: Pair the suit with a crisp white dress shirt to create a clean and polished look.

Complementing Tie: When selecting a tie, it’s important to choose one that complements the suit and adds a touch of personality. You may want to consider a patterned tie or a solid color that adds a subtle pop to the overall look.

Elegant Dress Shoes: Slip into a pair of sleek dress shoes in black or dark brown to elevate the outfit and complete the polished appearance.

Stylish Pocket Square (Optional): For added flair, consider adding an elegant pocket square that complements the tie and suit.

Sophisticated Timepiece: Complete the look with a sophisticated timepiece, showing attention to detail and adding a touch of refinement.

5. Weekend Getaway

Keep it relaxed and stylish on your weekend getaway by pairing your blazer with a lightweight sweater, jeans, and desert boots. The attire achieves a flawless equilibrium between coziness and fashion.

Lightweight Blazer: For a stylish yet comfortable look, consider beginning with a lightweight blazer in a neutral hue such as beige or light gray. By adding this component to your attire, you will effortlessly enhance its style without sacrificing comfort.

Casual Button-Down Shirt: Pair the blazer with a simple button-down shirt in a soft pastel shade or a subtle pattern. The button-down shirt keeps the look laid-back and easygoing.

Comfortable Chinos: Opt for comfortable chinos in a versatile color like olive green or khaki. Chinos strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort, ideal for a weekend getaway.

Stylish Sneakers: Slip into a pair of stylish sneakers for a trendy and comfortable choice of footwear. Sneakers are perfect for exploring new places and adding a modern touch to your outfit.

Sunglasses: Protect your eyes and look stylish with sunglasses.


Pro Tips for Styling Your Casual Blazer

  • Roll Up the Sleeves: For a more laid-back appearance, roll up the sleeves of your blazer. This simple trick instantly adds a touch of casualness to your outfit.
  • Add a Pocket Square: Style your blazer outfit by adding a pocket square. It’s a small accessory that can significantly impact your overall style.
  • Experiment with Patterns: Be bold in experimenting with patterned blazers. Whether plaid, houndstooth, or pinstripes, patterns can add personality to your outfit.


Whether you’re going to a relaxed gathering or a professional business meeting, a basic blazer can enhance your appearance with a touch of elegance. With the following expert tips and style ideas, you can confidently pull off a blazer outfit that will leave a lasting impression on any occasion.

At Royal Men’s Wear, we firmly believe that fashion is a means of expressing your personality and individuality. Wearing a well-fitted casual blazer outfit can give you a timeless and confident look. So, the next time you grab your blazer, remember these styling secrets and let your inner royalty shine through. Visit our website to find the Casual blazer collection.

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